Your Pet’s Grooming Experience with Luxe Grooming

We offer several levels of grooming service for your convenience

Light Trim

This is a light hand scissor and clipper assisted trim of the paw tops, paw pads, area around the face and tail areas. It is faster than a full groom and can be used as a economical “maintenance” trim between full grooms.

Full trim and grooming

Our grooomers are experts in all American Kennel Association dog breed cuts. A full trim will be with our vacuum clipper and finished with hand scissoring.
We can apply any styling you prefer for your pet.

De-shedding treatment

This removes almost all of your pet’s undercoat and dead fur. It greatly reduces the bulk and allows the healthy outer coat to sit closer to the skin.
Click here to access our de-shedding page


Sometimes, if your pet has not been groomed recently, it’s fur can develop mats. In the cases of heavy or severe matting these will need to be cut out. Brushing them out is painful to your pet and simply not humane.
Grooming on a schedule can go a long way to eliminating this problem. Speak with your Luxe groomer for more information.


Pet coloring

Spice up your pet’s style with a dash of coloring. We use only safe dye products.